What We Do


From the screen to the scene ...

Mostly inspired by electronic music movements from the past 20 years, In Fragments approaches composition through the infinite possibilities of computer-assisted music.

Our music is exclusively produced in home studio, with the purpose of being performed live with the ever-constant search of a balance between sampling and human playing.

Silkscreen print

Digital to material ...

After coming across the work of the silkscreen print crew Elshopo, In Frangments wished to develop and promote silkscreen printing and materialise its digital visual productions.

The home-crafted silkscreen print workshop of In Fragments produces and offers « 100% home made » prints. More than a diversified printing process, we conceive silkscreen printing as a way to bridge the gap between digital and concrete creation.

Photo / Video

From the trip to the lab ...

In Fragments shares its passion for travelling by exploring, from photo shooting to development and editing processes, the possibilites offered by both silver and digital photography.

With the intention of blending artistic expression, we enrich our photo galleries and videos with musical compositions, giving a whole new dimension to pictures.